Great Yarmouth Borough Council is committed to promoting sustainable development at Beacon Park and also to providing a range of transport alternatives for companies locating to Beacon Park and their employees.

The council has, therefore, established an overarching Travel Plan for the entire Park. This is administered on behalf of Great Yarmouth Borough Council by Kingdom Transport Planning whose role is Travel Plan Supervisor (TPS).

Great Yarmouth Borough Council intends that the Travel Plan makes Beacon Park an even more attractive location for businesses by providing alternative means of transport for those people who either may not have a car or access to a parking space within a given development. With the full participation of all companies at Beacon Park, the Travel Plan will be an asset that promotes sustainability and choice.

All occupiers at Beacon Park will be required to liaise with the TPS in implementing the approved Overarching Travel Plan. This document is available for download below.

Companies locating on Beacon Park will be required to produce their own Travel Plan and appoint a member of their staff as Travel Plan Coordinator (TPC). The Travel Plan will need to be submitted to the Highway Authority (Norfolk County Council) for approval and it is advised that the TPC contacts the TPS for guidance. The role and responsibilities of the TPC are noted within the Overarching Travel Plan.

The company and the member of staff appointed as the Travel Plan Coordinator will be expected to take the Travel Plan seriously and act in a cooperative and diligent manner on Travel Plan issues.

Occupiers shall be obligated to contribute towards the Travel Plan fund which equates to an annual contribution of £5 per full-time, permanent employee and pro rata for part-time, permanent employees.



Tony Doyle
Kingdom Transport Planning

T: 01603 325587